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About Us

DS Dental Repair is a professional, customer friendly and cost effective name for the very best in Dental Handpiece Repair UK wide.


Fully trained in the USA by the world's largest supplier of independent certified handpiece repair training with over 20 years of training experience. Our business is to know you and what your practice requires. We focus on providing you with the personal service you deserve.


All Handpieces sent to us here at DS Dental Repair will undergo a series of rigorous tests and will be thoroughly inspected and assessed for repair designed to ensure that your handpiece is returned in a condition that meets or exceeds the tolerances by the original manufacturer of the tool.


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Our handpieces are repaired in days – not weeks, with FREE comprehensive diagnostic estimates prior to repair, we will personally call you to discuss the necessary repair requirements and confirm price, also no work will commence until we have your authorisation to progress with the work.



David Scott

DS Dental Repair

  • Autochuck Safety Testing - to ensure patient safety, DS Dental Repair use calibrated force meters to check the amount of force required to remove a locked bur.


  • Acoustic Testing - if a component is defective, or has been installed incorrectly, our acoustic test will pick up any imperfection before the handpiece is returned to you.


  • Turbine Balancing - all turbines are balanced, reducing premature failure and noise pollution.


  • Concentricity Testing - each handpiece is tested to ensure it is running concentrically, ensuring optimum perform.

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